The Icelandic Centre for
Language Technology



ICLT and collaborators have developed the following free and open source systems:

  • Apertium-IceNLP. A shallow-transfer machine translation system between Icelandic and English, based on the Apertium platform and IceNLP (see below). Apertium-relevant code and data is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/apertium/. A prototype of the Apertium-IceNLP system is available.
  • IceNLP - a natural language toolkit for processing and analyzing Icelandic. The main components of IceNLP are: a tokeniser, a morphological analyser (IceMorphy), a linguistic rule-based part-of-speech tagger (IceTagger), a trigram tagger (TriTagger), a shallow (finite-state) parser (IceParser), and a lemmatizer (Lemmald). IceNLP is available from http://icenlp.sourceforge.net/. A web interface for IceNLP is available.
  • CombiTagger - a language and tagset independent system for developing and evaluating combined taggers. CombiTagger is available from http://combitagger.sourceforge.net/

Language resources

  • A list of language resources is available here.